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Precision Engineering

A trusted name, Shivamani Industries has been into manufacture of precision components and subassemblies for over 40 years. Decades of expertise combined with a world class infrastructure and a highly capable team gives us an edge in the business.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company equipped with a wide range of best-in-class machinery consisting of CNC Milling (3,4 & 5 Axis), CNC Turning, Horizontal Machining centers, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Drilling, Wire EDM, Spark Erosion etc and an array of inspection equipment including Carl Zeiss CMM, Profile projector and so on.


Best-in class machinery & equipment

We provide end to end solutions which include sourcing of castings, forgings & fabrications as per the customer needs

What We Do

Our Service Range

From component development (CAD/CAM), prototyping until final production, we offer a complete range of engineering services to our customers world-wide.

We also provide end to end solutions which include sourcing of castings, forgings & fabrications as per the customer needs and supply fully finished components & sub-assemblies.

Expertise on Machining

With our long experience in this industry, we have developed excellent capabilities on machining of a wide range of materials. Our team has extensive knowledge of various materials, their properties, machining characteristics, types of tooling, heat treatment and their finishing processes. This is one of the reasons why our customers prefer to engage with us on challenging projects.

CAD-CAM Capabilities

At Shivamani, we have a dedicated team of engineers working on advanced CAD/CAM system to manufacture custom prototypes and parts based on all industry standard 3D renderings. Utilizing advanced CAM software allows us choose right process and tooling so that we eliminate the time-consuming process of trial and error, while producing consistent and high-quality parts.

Our Capabilities

Moreover, we design our own jigs, fixtures, and special tools that meet high levels of precision and accuracy. Leveraging our software, we generate our own process drawings and process sheets.


Best-in class Machinery & Equipment

Quality Management System

We are committed to the continuous improvement and optimization of all custom manufacturing capabilities from prototype to production, and the corresponding quality control process, including raw material test reports, samples & in process inspections and final inspection.

We strictly follow the ISO 9001 certified quality management system, based on a series of standardized production procedures and work instructions, and use advanced testing equipment to measure and inspect each production step to ensure that the components meet stringent quality specifications.

Best-in class machinery & equipment

Industry Focus


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