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Tailored engineering solutions for your specific needs

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The one stop Destination for Custom Engineering


Welcome to the Shivamani Group, the one stop destination for custom engineering. It started off as Mani Industries nearly 50 years ago. The fledgling venture could prove its reliability in machining of components. Combined with the economics of smaller scale operations, Mani Industries soon made a mark as an “extended work-bench” of big players.

Started off in the 1960s as Mani Industries in Bangalore, manufacturing components for automotive industries. Shivamani Industries, a totally restructured outfit, was established in 1973 for diversification into specialized component & sub-assembly manufacture for new industry segments.


Welcome to the Shivamani Group

Engineering innovation that drives progress

Buoyed by growing customer support, the next generation management, piloted systematically planned expansion and diversification of activities in a totally restructured organisation named Shivamani Industries.


Our business portfolio is classified into Two Verticals

With such a strong technology background and sound operating principles, Shivamani Group is equipped with limitless options to offer engineering solutions in the fields of Precision Components and Packaging Machinery.

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Precision Components & Sub-Assemblies

We design our own jigs, fixtures, and special tools that meet high levels of precision and accuracy.

Packaging Machinery & Automation

Aligning our perspectives to good manufacturing practices and international quality standards.

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