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The Individual Carton Overwrapping Machine (Model : Ezee Wrap) is a proven work horse. The machine construction is very robust and it works on the principle of a turret mechanism which guarantees excellent wrapping quality even at higher speeds. The cartons from the upstream machine are fed into the Wrapper through the infeed conveyor system and the cartons are then separated by a plunger before it enters the turret slot along with the cut film of required length. The turret slot grips the carton securely with the film and then the long seam folding and sealing operation is done. As the carton exits the turret, it passes through the side folds and sealing station where the clean envelope folds are formed and the sides are sealed. Multi stage sealing feature with precise folder profiles ensures the wrapping quality. Additionally at the exit, ironing heaters are provided for both top & bottom faces of the carton to provide a tight finish and excellent aesthetics of the final pack.


6 station CAM indexer for turret indexing

HMI (Touch screen panel)

Auto speed regulation depending on packet in-feed

Static charge eliminator

Precision cutter head with HHS knives

Double Bobbin holder system with manual splicing deck

2 stage moving top heaters & 4 stage moving side heaters

Ergonomic positioned hand wheel for machine setting

Safety clutch

Machine guards with positive safety interlocks

Sensors for monitoring packet, BOPP & TOR

Ironing heater for enhanced pack finish

Collation at exit (2 high stack)

Auto heater retraction during machine stop

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