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C 180, Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner is designed with canti-lever type construction to allow easy access to carton magazine, complete product flow and for cleaning and maintenance of machine according to GMP norms. Robust construction with a main frame which houses all the drives and the pusher actuation unit. Timer belts are used to ensure less maintenance and smooth operation. The rotary three station pick-off system guarantees positive opening of carton and its formation. The product transfer buckets which move on a specific cam profile to reach the entry of the carton ensures positive insertion of the product into the carton.


Robust Construction

3 Station positive carton pick off system with pre-break function

Flexibility for size range and quick change-over system

Positive product loading with robust mechanical pusher guides.

Additional positive product inserter before flaps closure (optional)

Carton magazine sliding facility for ease of the operator during maintenance & setting of machine.

Sensors for material supervision

Machine guards with positive safety interlocks

Size Range

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.23.02 PM.png
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