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ASTRA 100 is a state of the art intermittent motion Cartoner. The balcony construction complies with the requirements of Pharma & Food industries. It allows easy access to the machine for setting, maintenance, cleaning etc. The machine is designed for easy and quick change-over. The digital indicators assist in accurate setting of the machine. The modern design uses belts for the carton transport instead of the chains and this has multiple advantages such as smooth operation, very low sound and eliminates lubrication.


Balcony construction allows complete access for setting, maintenance & cleaning

Belts for carton transfer to ensure smooth operation and low maintenance

Quick & Easy change-over with adjustable screws & digital readout.

Product presence and count ensured with positive mechanical probe and sensors.

Ability o handle aeroplane flaps, reverse tuck-in flaps & glue flaps closure.

Vacuum pump for carton pick-off system 

PLC & HMI with production data & reports

Automatic feeding of products from upstream machine


Carton coding (Embossing, Inkjet or Laser)

Pre-folded leaflet storage, transfer and auto insertion unit

Hot melt unit for carton sealing

Bar code reader

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