Team Shivamani

The 120+ " Thought Force "


The Management team is responsible for guiding and overseeing execution of actionable tasks on the ground, to achieve the defined "Vision" and "Mission"

Mr S. Muralidharan

Managing Director of the Group

A pragmatic technologist who has nurtured the company from its adolescent stages. A change agent with a practical business sense of converting strategy into action. A natural leader who has steered multi-fold growth of the group. Responsible for driving values and establishing corporate identity.

The relentless spirit of our Managing Director - "Think Ahead & Stay Ahead" is the guiding light of the Shivamani Group.

Mr Karthik Muralidharan

A mechanical engineer with Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Huddersfield University, U.K. Inducted into the company's operations after extensive in-house orientation and training. Representing the new generation face of the group, he focuses on customer care, product promotion, collaborations, and monitoring of new projects.