Packaging MachineryMachinery for Tobacco Industry - Introduction

The Shivamani Group ventured into the tobacco industry way back in the 1990s by manufacturing critical spare parts for making and packing machines. Recognizing our technical capabilities & commitment to quality, customers encouraged us into building subassemblies and thereafter complete machines. Thus began our machine building for the tobacco industry with 150 speed packet wrappers. Progressively we created capability for design & development and extended our product portfolio to higher speed packet wrappers of 300 ppm, Boxer, Overwrappers, Case Packers and other requirements for the tobacco industry; whilst simultaneously venturing into a wider range and superior technology.

Today, we are a globally renowned manufacturer of secondary packaging machinery for the tobacco industry with an international presence spanning across four continents.


The packet Wrappers are available for various pack styles, formats and speeds requirements ranging from 180 to 300 ppm. Customers can choose from a wide array of models from our product portfolio.

Wrapper 300+
Wrapper 250 +
Ezee Wrap (180 ppm)+

BXR 30

Boxer Model: BXR 30 is a compact and efficient performer. The machine receives the two high stack of packs from the wrapper and a 5x5 matrix is fed to the carton blank. The blank is formed around the packs to create the carton. The sealing of the flaps is through cold glue system. Hot melt sealing can be provided as an optional feature.

OWR 30

Overwrapper Model: OWR 30 is a versatile and proven machine. The machine is flexible to perform carton overwrap as well as naked wrap. Based on a compact foot print, the machine has best in class features to produce a high quality overwrap.

CP 15K

Model: CP 15K is a fully automatic side loading type Case Packer exclusively developed for the cigarette industry. The case is erected and the collated cartons are gently loaded into the case. The flaps on either side are closed and sealed by a self adhesive BOPP tape. The case packer is interfaced with upstream machines to form an integrated production line.

The tray filler is exclusively developed for the cigarette filter industry. The machine is linked directly to the filter maker and is capable of handling up to 5000 rods per min. The filters are received into a mass flow and pass through agitating rollers which ensure uniform collection in the reservoir.

The collected mass of filters is then deftly transferred & packed into the trays. The empty trays are loaded in the tray elevator and the filled trays are automatically delivered on to the exit conveyor.

There are two versions of the tray filler, one for the cardboard tray (FTPU-C) and the other for plastic tray (FTPU-P).

Tip Turner

The Tip Turner is an old technology but still relevant in certain markets. The machine is required to be connected to cigarette makers with double track output (usually for Mark 8 & Mark 9 Max). The orientation of tip is on the opposite side on one of the tracks and the Tip turner machine reorients the tip and converges the two tracks into a single track before the cigarettes are transferred to the packer. There is also a provision for manual collection of cigarettes in case of a standalone condition.

Maker-Packer Link-up

The Maker-Packer Link-up is a simple but reliable link up system between the maker & packer. This equipment is suitable for a line speed of up to 3000 cigarettes per minute.