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Welcome to the Shivamani Group, the one stop destination for custom engineering. It started off as Mani Industries nearly 50 years ago. The fledgling venture could prove its reliability in fine-machining of high precision components. Combined with the economics of smaller scale operations, Mani Industries soon made a mark as an “extended work-bench” of big players.

Buoyed by growing customer support, the next generation management, piloted systematically planned expansion and diversification of activities in a totally restructured organisation named Shivamani Industries.

Adapting to the “need of the hour” frameworks, Shivamani Industries spread its wings from manufacture of individual components to critical sub-assemblies for different user segments. Driven by a constant quest - “What next and What more”, the company welcomed the next opportunity for design and manufacture of packaging machines for the cigarette industry. E.M.Shivamani Engineering (EMS), was established as a dedicated facility to focus on this new product line. Significantly, it also triggered thinking into the wider horizon of packaging. Very soon the company was into production of packaging machines for the processed food, confectionary, personal care and FMCG sectors. To cater to these specialised areas, involving different materials of construction, dissimilar products and hygiene standards, Energy Pack (P) Ltd., a state of the art facility was constructed. This contemporary set-up has progressively developed high speed packaging machines and down-stream equipment for “hand-shake” interlink between various machines.

Today, the Shivamani Group comprises of three entities - Shivamani Industries, EM Shivamani Engineering Pvt Ltd (EMS) and Energy Pack Pvt Ltd (EP) all located at Bangalore, India. More than anything else, the prime asset is the “thought-force” of nearly 150 self-motivated associates who believe in delivering nothing but the best.

With such a strong technology background and sound operating principles, Shivamani is equipped with limitless options to offer “end to end” solutions in the design & manufacture of automated systems and packaging machinery.